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NIT6160 Assignment 1: Data WarehousingThis assignment 1 is worth 20% of the total assessment of this unit, and is due end of week 6.In this assignment, we are building a data warehouse for an online brokerage...TaskIn your accounting career you will be required to analyse current accounting issues and communicate your theoretical understanding to your professional colleagues and your clients. For this assignment...Assignment 1 HC3031 Trends in the Global Business EnvironmentThe articles selected as the ‘gateway’ to the literature on the various topics are nominated in the Lecture/Tutorial Schedule. Choose one of...Individual AssignmentImpairment in the Energy and Extractive IndustryPart I - Research Based Report (15%)Due: Monday 30 April, 5pmWord limit: 1,200 wordsPart II – Video Oral Presentation (5%)Due: Monday...Unit Name/Code BUS1003/BUS105 Business Communication and AcademicWritingAssessment Type Essay IndividualAssessment Number 2Assessment Name Assessment 2 Essay Individual AssessmentUnit Learning Outcomes...Unit Name/Code BUS1003/BUS105 Business Communication and AcademicWritingAssessment Type Group Work AssessmentAssessment Number 3Assessment Name Assessment 3 Group PresentationUnit Learning Outcomes Assessed...Each of the following three parts needs be done in 200 words, i.e. total of 600 words.Need them in 3 separate files, therefore don’t mix up.Chapter 7 - Digital marketing and social networkingPlease post...And make sure you use my referencing am sending you guys never use them I always emphasise for you guys to use them that why am send them. Should be within 5yrs4 referencing lists make sure you use research...NURS13134 – Community Nursing Perspectives - Assessment 2Due Date: Thursday, 12th of May, 2018. 11.45pmWord Count: 2500 words +/- 10%Weight: 50%Assessment Two for NURS13134 – Utilising the research from...Assignment 2 — Mobile client/server applicationDue date: 11:50 pm AEST, Friday Week 10 ASSIGNMENTWeighting: 30%Length: Less than 50 MB 2ObjectivesThis assessment item relates to the learning outcome 1,...Assessment 2: Short Essay 30%Overview of TasksTask: Short essayLength: 750 wordsDue Date: 9pm Sunday Week TwoDetails of the taskAssessment Task Two: Short Essay (750 words – 30%):Question: What is the...MGMT11109 Introduction to BusinessAssessment task 2 – Written AssessmentPurpose : The purpose of this assessment item is to assess a students’ ability to formulate an Academic Essay that demonstrates a...ASR Assignment 1 (20%)BackgroundYou are a recent accounting graduate and have been employed in the Financial Reporting Unit of Vicinity Centres (VCX), an ASX listed real estate investment trust. The Risk...Assessment Item 3: Statistical Data Collection and InterpretationObjective:This assessment task requires you to collect, analyse and interpret data with appropriate discussion and interpretation.A brief...Assignment detailProject title: Discrete Element analysis of randomly distributed fibre-reinforced sand in YADE with Direct shear testSynopsys:Model a direct shear test on YADE platform.Sample of sand...Research Assessment: Download a company annual report which is listed in ASX and must be present in ASX S&P 300 index, along with this annual report, student should download corporate statement of...Need summary* 15% EC,Window Learning Outcomes Assessed 1, 2, 3 & 5Due Date and Time WEEK 8 — Friday 4 May 2018 by 5.00pmWeighting 20%Assessment Description Each student will be required...The Adani Group have proposed the development of the Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin area in Queensland along with a rail and port project. The scale of the project, environmental sensitivities,...This assessment is designed t. al scuirces for their research and lir concepts/constructs that has real assessrrierit relates to Learning (DuThis article collections arid strnucti literattire re-view section...

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