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To understand the basic laws for the defense and protection of consumers.
We need to understand the regulations that protect consumers and users. We need to work with and understand them in a local context. To this end we will work with the local regulations of a specific country to understand the peculiarities of the environment in which we find ourselves.
The guidelines for this assignment : choose international brand when they launch a product in one country (for example is different when alcholic beverage launch products in USA or Europe, in Europe you can have advertising with people under twenty in US not....). I recommend you, that choose brands that can be involve in laws about driving licence, alcohol, bets, health...
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Choose a specific country.
Look at the consumer protection laws that are going to affect us in the course of our operations and work through them once by one.
I'll need that you upload in pdf, maximum 5 slides.
Due date: Monday, 15 January 2015, 11:55 PM
we can still do the UK but product: Gatorade
So still look at the laws we assigned before but use Gatorade instead of Umbro. Also I found some additional regulations.
There are 6 numbers there.
I have to do the topics 2 and 6 about gatorade and 1 slide each its enough.
Food labelling - what you must show
Ingredients list
Food and drink warnings
Nutrition, health claims and supplement labelling
Organic food

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