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Duration: 24 hour Take-Away Paper
Candidates must attempt ALL questions.
1) The paper will available from: Tuesday 4th January at 09:30 GMT.
2) The deadline for submitting the exam is: Wednesday 5th January at 09:30 GMT.
3) The exam is individual work, carried out upholding the values of academic integrity.
4) A TAP (24hr) will have a notional ‘work time’ of up to 8 hours.
5) The materials to be used to answer the questions are on the Canvas page in the Lecture
Slides and Videos and the Workshop slides.
6) You may either type your answers into a new document (clearly labelling each answer), or
write your answers directly on the exam paper.
7) Referencing is not required.
8) For some answers a word limit is indicated; this limit does not include equations, graphs or
9) Graphs and tables should be typed.
10) Submit a word or pdf version of the exam paper using the appropriate link on Canvas.
Please note that for a file to be accepted by Turnitin, your submission must be a
single file and must include at least 20 words of typed text. Further guidance about
Turnitin submissions can be found here:
11) To ensure your anonymity in this assessment, please do not write your name anywhere in
the final submitted document.
12) If you have any queries relating to the text of the exam paper, you can e-mail the School
Office: between 09:30 and 11:30 on Tuesday 4th
January. Please do not contact the module convenor directly. If necessary, any relevant
responses will be provided to all students at the same time through the Announcements
page of the module's Canvas site.
13) If you experience any IT problems when uploading your final submission, please contact IT
Services and provide a screenshot of the issue you have encountered using their online
help system at:
N1503 Managing Projects and Technologies
1. You work for a restaurant company that owns 20 restaurants in and around Sussex. You are
planning a project to deploy an order-at-the-table Online Ordering System for one of the
restaurant venues in Brighton.
Using theory from the Managing Projects and Technologies module, discuss how you will
identify and manage your key stakeholders. In your answer, you should include stakeholder
identification, key stakeholder analysis and a stakeholder communication plan.
40 points
2. Focus on the use of geospatial technology in the UK healthcare sector. Use 400 words (+/-
10%) to:
(a) Briefly explain this business technology (imagine you are explaining it to your line manager
who has not heard of this technology yet). Include a clear example.
(b) Name the key advantages and disadvantages of using this technology in the UK healthcare
(c) Describe one non-healthcare organisation that has been transformed by the introduction of
geospatial technology and identify what the healthcare sector could learn from this.
30 points
3. You are working with a project team of 8 students to organise a networking event in the
Business School before the next semester begins.
Write an email of 400 words (+/-10%) to the rest of the project team that a) briefly explains the
four primary risk response strategies and b) argues why it is necessary and important to plan
risk management for this project.
30 points