Recent Question/Assignment

TOPIC How real is the threat of Russia attempting to annex Estonian territory?
Your product must:
• Clearly and fully answer the question I
• Be a more in depth analysis of the topic (1500 2,500 words) |not counting resources.
(If you are down near the lower word level, what you deliver will need to be very efficiently compact with a lot of relevant material in those few words.) .
• Have an introduction that introduces the topic and also summarizes your overall conclusion.
Bl UF. (Bottom line up front)
• Have a summary/conclusion at the end, whi h contains a concise answer to the problem.
You Must:
• I ind and use *facts*. Do not rely just on someone else's analysis. Conclusions should be yours, based on multiple pieces of evidence, not just a regurgitation of someone else's analysis. Facts should come from a variety of high quality sources.
• Use at least 20 sources, inc hiding at least three -scholarly- articles
Use words of estimative probability (lor example: unlikely, improbable, highly doubtful, conceivable, could, may, might, perhaps, likely, probable, highly probable, highly likely, we believe, we estimate)
Make sure that every sentence in the paper should have direct relevance to the issue.
-Use APA or MIA or Chicago style.