Recent Question/Assignment

1) Expansion of geriatric services in healthcare organization is an essential strategy to fulfil the growing needs of an ageing population.
As a manager, you are assigned by the hospital management to initiate a new geriatric unit in your organization.
(a) a. Discuss your strategic planning using SWOT analysis and articulating the mission and vision of the organization. – 500 words
(b) b. Discuss the pertinent issues related to resource management. -500 words
2) Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) creates continuous flow of process improvements that meet or exceed customer or patient –expectation.
(a) a). Discuss the significant of two elements in CQI: -600 words
- customer/patient
- employee empowerment
(b) b. Discuss risk management in healthcare organization with examples. -400 words.
1. The manager engages staff to participate and contribute to the organization goals as key performance indicator. Managers can improve their success rate by providing extrinsic rewards that will help their employees to be intrinsically motivated to become top performance.
(a) Describe the main criteria assessment that should be inculcated during performance appraisal.- 500 words
(b) What motivational strategy would you apply with an employee who you think can do the work, but its underperforming?-500 words
2. As a manager in a healthcare organization, she/he need to set the direction and determine what needs to be accomplished, setting priorities and performance targets to achieve the goals of the organization.
(a) Discuss the key competencies of an effective manager.-500 words
(b) Discuss how the cognition and individual perception influence the employees to attain organization goals.-500 words
3. Ethical issues in healthcare concerns matters arising between providers of health toward their clients where decisions made are based on ethical principles ascribed by an individual organization.
(a) Discuss TWO ethical principles in healthcare practice: -500 words
1. Respect for persons (autonomy and self-determination)
2. Beneficence (doing good)
(b) Differentiate between health policy and health advocacy implementation among healthcare providers.-500 words
Cited the point with APA 7th edition