Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment 1 – Research Methods
Presentation of your Research Topic & Research Question, along with a minimum 1 page supporting document.
Weighting 30% of module mark
Date Assignment is due 7th November @ 11.59
This assessment requires you to present your Research Topic & your Research Question to an academic panel via recording, along with a one page supporting document. The presentation will give you the opportunity to present your research journey in defining the research question. An academic panel will review the presentation & supporting document.
Composition of Academic Panel: Your Project Supervisor and Head of Department of Lifelong Learning/nominee academic. The academic panel will read the supporting documentation and your presentation should highlight only the key milestones in the process.
Presentation format: Submit PowerPoint slideshow with Audio, along with a one page supporting document. Your presentation slides will be uploaded to Moodle via TurnItIn. The presentation should last no longer than 5 mins and contain a maximum of 5 slides. The presentation will be recorded and will be available to the external examiner for review, as required. Below are guidelines for the presentation:
Slide Number Details
Slide 1 Research Topic (Title)
Slide 2 Research Question & explanation
Slide 3 Research Aim & Objectives
Slide 4 Conducting a Literature Review
Slide 5 Gantt Chart for Research Proposal
Presentation Rubric
Well Achieved
(70-100) Achieved
(40-69) Not Achieved
100% The presentation& summary document was a concise summary of the topic with all questions answered.
The presentation & summary document was a good summary of the topic.
The presentation& supporting document was a brief look at the topic but many questions were left unanswered.
Part 2 - The Research Proposal
The Research Proposal builds on from Assignment 1. A guideline for the research proposal can be found below.
Weighting 70% of the module mark
Date Monday 06th December 2021 @ 5pm
Your assignment will be uploaded to Moodle via TurnItIn
Your proposal should consist of:
a) Title
b) Background to the Research - this section has three main functions.
First, it needs to introduce the reader to the research issue or problem, addressing the question, ‘what am I going to do?’ Second, it needs to provide justification for your research, answering the question, ‘why is this research significant?’ Finally, it needs to demonstrate how the proposed topic relates to what has been done before in this subject area.
c) Literature Review. The process by which you identified relevant literature on your topic. How you reviewed the literature and used it to support your final Proposed Research Methodology.
d) Research question, aim and objectives – the research question is the most critical part of your research proposal. A clearly defined research question will guide your literature review, data collection and analysis. As such, the earlier you develop a precise research question the better. A poorly defined research question can confuse and misdirect your research efforts.
e) Proposed Research Methodology – this section should address ‘how will I conduct my research?’ It is essential to explain why you have chosen your research methodology and data collection techniques. Your explanation should be justified by reference to the research methods literature.
f) Timescale – outline a timetable for executing all elements of the research project. This will help you to assess the investment required to pursue your research proposal.
f) References - this includes an alphabetical list using the Harvard Referencing System of all material cited in your research proposal.
g) Appendices – as part of Assignment 2 you are required to conduct and include in the appendices a critical analysis of a text relevant to your research topic (e.g. journal article, business press). As part of the critical analysis you have to answer four questions: What type of literature is this? What is being claimed? To what extent is there backing for claims? What is my evaluation of the text in relation to my research question?
Guidelines: The guidelines provided here for word count of the research proposal are indicative only. Wordcount should be a minimum of 1700 words.
Element % of Assignment Mark Word Count
Title 5 1-2 sentences
Background to research 15 300 words
Research aim and objectives 15 300 words
Literature review 20 400 words
Proposed Research methodology 20 300 words
Timescale 10 200 words
Presentation, Writing and References 5
Critical Analysis 10 200 words