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A business idea development entitled Catering services for daycare centers
Business Plan Assignments
DEADLINE: 19th November 2021 ***Dates to be finalised
SUBMISSION: Team rep submit via Turnitin
GRADING: 100 marks (60% CA weightage)
“The need to develop a diversified and robust manufacturing sector is a key agenda in government efforts to identify potential growth areas beyond the exploitation of its mineral wealth, which has been central to its transformation into a middle-income country, but which at the same time makes it susceptible to the vagaries of a fickle global economic order. Opportunities presented by the manufacturing sector covers a wide array of sectors such as food and beverages, textiles and garments, jewellery making, metal and metal products amongst others. At a national level, these opportunities are presented through the country’s high import bill, which has led to the government to develop complementary policies (Economic Diversification Drive) to promote the sector. ”
In January 2020, Botswana’s total imports were valued at P4, 845.3 million resulting in a decrease of 22.7 percent compared to the revised December 2019 value of P6, 270.4 million.
This is an indication of the dire need for the country to produce for itself (and for outside markets) - additionally this was made evident by the various impacts of COVID - 19: Border closure, lockdowns, etc.
In pairs, identify an opportunity in diversifying Botswana’s economy through beneficiation of abundant raw materials and develop a business solution for the identified target market. The business solution should be presented in a business format style.
1. Executive Summary (In 1 page, define the problem, the solution, the customer, the
business model) (10 marks)
? (Highlight the ‘so what’ and ‘who cares’ and ‘what is so special’
? Succinctly describe the business opportunity
? Clearly identify the target market and customer profile
? Determine strategy for achieving competitive advantage
? Show revenue streams and expected profitability
? Point to managerial technical talent
? Describe the required funds and how they will be deployed
? Explain the projected Return on Investment
2. Business Overview (Including full product/service description, Vision, Mission and
Objectives) (5 marks)
? List and explain the business offering
? Formulate the vision/mission /value statements
? Describe resource fit with strategic,financial and social; objectives ? Describe any related intellectual property aspects
3. Organizational Structure (Founders, Management, Partners, Board of Directors & Staff
-HR Plan) (5 marks)
? Identify the skills and competencies of the team ; include potential weaknesses
? Formulate an organisational design and management structure
? Develop a staff control and development plan
? Identify labour and industrial relations mechanisms/regulations
? Design organisational and individual learning structures
? Develop remuneration and incentive schemes
? Determine the need for consultants
? Establish form of ownership; provide justification
4. Market Analysis (25 marks)
? Industry analysis scan(key stakeholders, trends, regulations)
? Collect data via surveys, customer feedback and focus groups
? Make explicit forecasts on the size of the market, its growth rate and segments
? Analyse the target market, market position and market share
? Consolidate the research with a SWOT analysis
? Analyse the customer profile and purchase behaviour
? Determine the branding, marketing and pricing plans
? Investigate the distribution channels and direct sales avenues
5. Operations Plan (Production & Operations) (20 marks)
? Operationalise the business model
? Match the resources requirements with the strategy
? Identify the business location and micro location details
? Establish stock control systems, storage and business procurement practises
? Arrange facilities, plant and equipment needs
? Determine operations processes and office administration structures
? Establish quality control systems
? Identify required permits and licenses
6. Financials (Start up costs breakdown AND 2 Year projections) (15 marks)
? Calculate the cost of starting up(fixed and variable costs)
? Determine total funding needs including funds needed for expansion
? Identify potential funding sources and targeted use of funds
? Identify loan collateral and payback plan
? Calculate operating costs( materials, labour, equipment, marketing , overheads)
? Establish break even analysis
? Formulate a cash flow for 2 years
7. Action plan
? Provide the planned milestones and scheduling of activities
? Draw up a timetable for implementing strategies
? Determine deliverables with specific targets and deadlines
? Establish activity coordination of all staff and include responsibilities
8. Risk and Sensitivity Analysis (10 marks)
? Assess risks, obstacles and bottlenecks
? Formulate risk management strategies
? Establish a security plan and system
9. Appendices (5 marks)
? Proof of opportunity( letter of intents, MoU, customer orders, etc)
? Contracts, leases, franchise agreements,etc
? Market research evidence
? Business Model Canvas
? Quotations of Raw materials & Equipment
? Graphs
? Relevant IP documents, Pictures, etc
? Consultant reports, resumes,etc
Submission Format: (5 marks)
? Use prescribed cover page
? Font - Time New Roman, font size 12
? 1.5 spacing, justify text
? Harvard Style Referencing