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Business Unit/Work Group IT Studies
Qualification Code ICT40415 Qualification Title Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking
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ICTNWK407 Unit Title/s • Deploy software to networked computers
• Install and configure client-server applications and services
Assessment Task Title 4SCCM – Plan and prepare for deployment Assignment
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Student Guide for Written Assessment
Overview of Assessment The purpose of this assessment is to assess your competence in planning and preparing for a scenario-based software deployment.
The following topics are covered in this assessment:
• ICT Contracting
• Deployment planning
You will be assessed on the evidence you produce by completing the required tasks set out in this document. Please refer to the check list at the end of this document before submitting your work for marking to ensure you have completed all tasks.
Task/s to be assessed
This is a written and verbal assignment with a combination of questions both verbal and written and specific materials you need to produce. The tasks to be assessed are:
• Part 1 – Prepare for work as an ICT Contractor
1. Contractor responsibilities
2. Contractor Induction
3. Interview with ICT Manager
4. Advise ICT Manager of upcoming work
• Part 2 – Plan for deployment
1. Summarise current environment
2. Investigate deployment methods
3. Specify software for SOE
Time allowed The time allowed for this assessment will vary based on whether you are registered in this subject in a term or a semester.
It is your responsibility to check your schedule on Learn for specific due dates for your registration.
Location This assessment will be conducted in a combination of locations.
All tasks EXCEPT for the Interview with the ICT Manager can be completed in the classroom (unsupervised) or outside the classroom (unsupervised).
The Interview with the ICT Manager task is to be conducted either in the classroom (supervised) or online via Skype for Business (supervised) requiring a lecturer to complete an observation checklist for each student.
Decision making rules To receive a satisfactory outcome for this assessment you must complete all tasks correctly
Assessment conditions You may refer to your learning materials in completing the assessment.
Resources required Students are to use the following documents for this assessment:
• IT_Works_Policy Procedure_Manual
Students will be advised of assessment outcome after the completed assignment is submitted to the 4SCCM-System Center Configuration Manager Learn site.
Students will be provided feedback in regards to the assessment and the outcome via email notification from Learn.
Students have 2 attempts at this assessment with a re-assessment date to be set by the assessing lecturer. All assessments including re-assessments must be received and assessed within the subject duration period.
Submission Instructions Upload via LEARN – Service Desk Induction Upload in the Assessment Summary

4SCCM – Assignment – Plan and Prepare for Deployment
Company Profile
Erfys Confectioneries is an Australian family-owned and operated business tracing its roots back to ye olde times of Wales. Erfys Confectioneries makes sweets and sugary treats of the highest quality. Today, Erfys is Australia's sole remaining family-owned confectioner of stature.
The Erfys story began in a newly established colony, with a brilliant accident. After turning his hand to several trades, Evan Erfyl discovered his talent as a Confectioner by accident; when he created his first batch of sweets as a tonic for his ailing wife Darlene.
That day in 1892, was the start of an amazing journey…
The fifth and sixth generations acting as custodians of Evan Erfyl’s legacy are:
• Evan Erfyl the 4th Managing Director and CEO
• Oscar Erfyl Sales Manager
• Hayley Erfyl Administration Manager
• Lillian Erfyl Production Manager
Erfys Confectioneries’ headquarters are in Adelaide and has recently taken over GPL lollies in Elizabeth Downs. Erfys Confectionaries hopes to keep the Elizabeth Downs site as secondary production and point of presence in the northern metropolitan area.
Management is encouraging more collaboration between staff. This will involve staff sharing resources and introducing efficiencies in the operations. They have also identified that security is an important part of this process and therefore requires the appropriate systems and policies to be put into place.

• You are a consultant from IT Works. IT Works has been engaged to develop an automated and more efficient method of deploying software, operating systems, and updates for Erfy’s Confectionary.
• Erfy’s confectionaries have indicated that they have set aside $50,000 for this project.
• After the presentation and approval process, IT Works will then build the network for Erfys confectionary.
• Erfys Confectionary requires that all deployments require as little user intervention as possible.
• All computers in use at Erfys Confectionary currently have Windows 8.1 as the operating system and would like to implement a Standard Operating Environment for all users. The plan is to migrate to Windows 10.
• The Standard Operating Environment is to Microsoft Office as well as an internet browser and email client.
• The current hardware in use consists of:
Department Model Amount
Office Administration HP Compaq Elite 8000 SFF 15
Research and Development HP Compaq 8200 Elite Mini Tower 5
Sales and Marketing HP Elitebook 850 7
Production HP Compaq Elite 8000 SFF 40
• The Network currently is as follows:

Part 1 – Prepare for work as an ICT Contractor
1. Contractor Responsibilities & Procedures
Review the ITWorks procedure manual (IT_Works_Policy_Procedure_Manual.pdf).
a) Briefly describe the procedures for selecting and engaging a contractor.
b) Provide a summary of the responsibilities of a contractor.
Part 2 – Plan for Deployment
1. Summarize current environment
a) Provide a summary of the current environment including (1 page):
• Hardware
• Software
• Network
o Wireless LAN
• Licensing requirements
• Any compatibility issues that may arise due to the change
• Any issues that may arise from the change taking into consideration the ITWorks Training ICT Department Policy and Procedure Manual (Appendix A.)

2. Investigate deployment methods
Investigate current industry best practice for automating deployment of operating systems and software. You MUST take into account client requirements and organisational guidelines and document your findings for the following:
a) Compare and evaluate the commercial System Center Configuration Manager software with 1 other open-source method for deploying operating systems and software packages including:
• Name of application, system, or method.
• Overview of the configuration for the deployment process.
• Cost
• Major features and functionality
• Hardware requirements
• Software requirements
• Host operating system requirements (What Host OS are suitable platforms?).
• Recommend the most suitable solution for the given scenario and list 2 reasons to justify your selection.
b) Describe 3 problems that may arise during the deployment process and how you would troubleshoot them. User forums and general search terms like ‘problem with System Center Configuration Manager’ will help if you are having trouble getting started with this task.
c) Briefly summarise the following (100 – 200 words maximum each):
• Operating systems functions.
• Network protocols used in the deployment process for both operating systems and software packages.
• What is TCP?
• What is IP (internet protocol)?
• The difference between unicast, multicast and broadcast?
• What are network applications?
• What are user accounts, how are they managed in this scenario?
• Why is a password policy important?
o How are password policy managed?

3. Selecting Appropriate Hardware & Host Operating System
In this task, you will recommend the hardware platform and host operating system of your MS SCCM Implementation.
a) Research server-grade hardware that would be suitable for hosting MS SCCM.
• Recommend your selected hardware platform.
• List the relevant hardware specifications
b) From your research from Task 2 recommend the most appropriate host operating system for MS SCCM for this scenario
• Provide a brief justification.
4. Specify software for each SOE
In this task, you will document the software for each of the SOEs according to the IT Works ICT Department Policy and Procedures.
a) Research and evaluate the Windows 10 and MS Office software as required, ensuring that it:
• Meets the hardware specifications of existing hardware
• Meets the requirements of Erfys Confectionary
• Meets the guidelines in IT Works ICT Department Policy and Procedures Manual.
b) Investigate and determine the installation details and file systems for the Windows 10 systems that are being installed as part of the SOE.
Operating System Installation type (e.g. upgrade, custom) File System (e.g. FAT 32, NTFS, Ext4) License Type (e.g. education, business, open source) Minimum hardware requirements

Company Name:_____Erfy’s Confectionary___________________________________ Date: __________
Number of PC's
c) Complete the table on the following page listing all operating systems, applications (including internet browsers and email clients, etc) that will meet the requirements for the SOEs that Erfy’s Confectionary requires. All software must meet the minimum installation specification requirements.
Software Brand Software Package Version Number of PC's using this product Number of licenses you hold for this product Licenses required to be compliant Software documentation URL

Erfy’s Confectionary SOE
Additional Information

5. Provide deployment costs
Using the budget amount obtained from the ICT Manager calculate how much the deployment is going to cost.
You must include the following in the table:
• Contract cost based on your fee of $80 per hour
• Software licensing for operating systems
• Software licensing for any other software
• Any hardware that needs to be purchased
• Any support costs that need to be purchased
Use the following table to break down the expenses.
Item Amount Description Cost $

Budget amount The amount allocated to you for the deployment and documentation
Total The total cost based on your calculations above
Difference The amount over or under budget