Recent Question/Assignment

Q1. Describe in detail the link between client assessment and program development.
Q2. Discuss how you would schedule programs and establish frequency, intensity and duration of a leisure and health program, provide an example.
Q3. Discuss the requirements, process, advantages and disadvantages of off-site excursions.
Q4. Discuss the role of the leisure and health process in an aged care or disability environment
Q5. Discuss the following models of professional practice.
1. Social model
2. Leisure flow
3. Leisure ability
4. Integrated community recreation model
5. Community
6. Person-centred practice
Q6. Discuss what legislation applies to working in the leisure and health industry.
Q7. Critique a client leisure assessment form (one that you use at your workplace or one that you have developed). Discuss its strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Include the form as part of your answer.
Q8. Suggest three strategies for training new staff in the use of assessment forms
Q9. List two (2) strategies for maintaining confidentiality of information collected.