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Law 191 Law of Oceans and Antarctica: Assessment Task 3 Essay
The third assessment task in this unit involves you writing an essay of maximum length 2500 words, inclusive of references.
You will write an essay which provides a critical assessment of a piece of public commentary relating to the Law of Oceans and/or Antarctic Law. The piece of public commentary which we have selected for you to assess is attached as a PDF file.
You should firstly read the entire piece several times, and highlight the statements which you consider most require either a positive or negative comment, in terms of how well they reflect Oceans and Antarctic law.
In order to write your essay providing a critical assessment of this piece, you should look to structure it in the following manner:
1. A short introduction of 1-2 paragraphs summarising the key argument of the piece (approximately 250 words).
2. Identify 3-4 key statements from the piece (from the list of statements you have highlighted) which you will focus upon for your critical assessment. At least one of these key statements must require a negative comment from you in terms of how well the statement accurately reflects Oceans and Antarctic law (approximately 250 words).
3. Critically assess each of the 3-4 key statements to determine whether they accurately reflect the Oceans and Antarctic law which we have studied in this unit (approximately 1250 words).
4. In your own words, in regard to one of the key statements for which you have made a negative comment, explain how the law should have been accurately described or interpreted (approximately 250 words).
5. A short conclusion of 1-2 paragraphs indicating your overall view of the merits of the piece (approximately 250)
6. Reference list (approximately 250 words)
Please use the Fourth Edition of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC4) for your referencing. A copy of AGLC4 can be found at the following web link:
Please upload your essay including cover sheet (which we shall supply), through the assessments tab of MyLo.
For the purposes of the word limit, please exclude the cover sheet.
The submission date/time for the essay is now 11:59 PM on 2 November 2021.
Associate Prof Jeffrey McGee and Bruno Arpi
September 2021