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MKTG 1025 Marketing Principles
Final Assessment

This final assessment contributes to 40% to your overall grade in this course
This is a summative piece of assessment that brings together your learning in the course over
the semester. You are expected to complete this task individually without conferring
with others. Your instructor will not be providing guidance or advice on any questions relating to this case study prior to submission.
The questions relating to this final assessment is based on the case study: Geely Automobile Holdings AND related articles on their electrical vehicle ‘Geometry’ which is being considered for launch into the Australian market. You can download the case study and the articles from Canvas but do not consider this as the sole source of information for answering the questions, you are expected to undertake desk research on your own to get a better understanding of the market for the product.
The weighting of marks for each question is identical (10 marks) and responses for each question are limited to a maximum of 500 words.
While the questions are clearly divided to facilitate your answers, you will have to use your knowledge of all topics covered in the course. You are expected to go well beyond repeating information and must show application of theory, critical analysis, strategic insight and structured thinking.
Please focus on explicitly responding to what you are asked to do, and in the manner
suggested. Tables, figures, images and diagrams are welcome, and they do not form part of the word limit. Sub-headings and similar elements that allow you to remain concise (but clear) are most welcome and encouraged.
Present your work in 12 point font, single line spacing and standard justification. You are welcome to bold, underline, italicize, colour or highlight key points or areas for emphasis. Diagrams, images, tables etc. can be placed wherever they best fit and must be given a heading and source detail (if applicable).
With regards to referencing, you should reference your work appropriately, although it is recommended that you rely on your own learning and acquired knowledge in responding. Please use your own words and strategic insights rather than simply repeating ideas of others. You’ll see that the questions seek your application, not repetition, of theory. Please note that this final assessment task is to be done individually and without consultation or discussion with others. Any student who is found to have breached this requirement through any form of media or contact will be investigated for academic misconduct. The submission will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin. You can make multiple submission before the due date and time in order to reduce any overlap with published materials. Do not include this document on assessment instructions or cover sheet in your submission as it will affect your Turnitin score.
Question 1 (10 marks)
A company’s macroenvironment presents some of the biggest opportunities and challenges for marketers of the future. Select two factors in Geely’s macro-environment that you believe will have the most impact on its entry into the Australian EV market. Provide rationale for your choice. How should the company respond to these factors?
Question 2: (10 marks)
As part of the “One Geely” strategy outlined in the case study (p. 112), one of the ways in which the company achieved cost leadership was by cutting down its dealership network from over 1000 dealers to just 700 within a year. The company has also demonstrated its innovativeness in exploring alternative channels of distribution and even selling the car on the internet directly to the final consumers.
What distribution strategy would you recommend to Geely for launching its new “Geometry” into the Australian market? What are the pros and cons of selling this car directly to the consumers? Consider Geometry’s positioning and characteristics of the final consumers in your analysis.
Question 3: (10 marks)
Develop an advertising strategy for Geely’s launch of their new “Geometry” in the Australian market. This should include a positioning statement, message and content strategy, message execution and selection of advertising media. Provide rationale for your choice.
Question 4: (10 marks)
Design an advertising copy for a magazine to promote the forthcoming launch of Geometry in the Australian market. You can use external images and software such as Photoshop/Illustrator/Canva or any other free ad design software to design your ad.
In your design, you must consider the target segment, their needs and the advertising strategy you recommended in question 3. You may also refer to articles on the internet on best practices for designing a magazine ad and demonstrate how you used these principles in your design.

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