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Leisure Concepts
Assignment 2: Major Paper
Word limit: 1800 words
Weighting: 40%
Key criteria of this assignment Component Mark / Grade
Content – does the paper examine the issue with a critical eye?
Does it the essay develop an argument that is well researched and supported.
Style – does the paper follow appropriate essay writing conventions?
Is it well written and are spelling and grammar acceptable? 5/6
Introduction and conclusion – does the paper set the scene well and wrap it up appropriately? 5/6
Referencing – does the paper use CREDIBLE references to support the claims and argument in the paper?
Does it follow accepted referencing conventions? 8/9
Summary comment
Overall, this is an excellent paper. A brilliant examination of the duality between work and leisure – great focus on the Protestant work ethic as well. Excellent examination of the roles of work and leisure in contemporary society as well as throughout history.
Excellent references used very well to support your case throughout. The only weakness was not following conventions for reference list (no bullet points)
Top work
The Graduate qualities being assessed by this assignment are indicated by an X:
GQ1: operate effectively with and upon a body of knowledge
GQ2: are prepared for lifelong learning
GQ3: are effective problem solvers
GQ4:can work both autonomously and collaboratively