Recent Question/Assignment

AT2A: Workshop Reflections
Select and identify from three Physical Education workshops and submit a teaching folio of evidence for each workshop for assessment. The folio of evidence will demonstrate how the workshops may be utilised in a primary school setting to provide meaningful teaching/learning experiences for students. The folio for each workshop will include:
• Personal Workshop reflections that include connection with research from the Physical Education discipline
• Physical Education Curriculum links
• Overview of learning activities suitable if implementing this learning area in a primary school classroom.
• Assessment opportunities
• Resources, materials & key terms with definitions
• OH&S considerations
AT2B: Physical Education Learning Sequence
Physical Education learning sequence, for the development of fundamental motor skills, based on the content descriptors and achievement standards of the physical education learning area of the Australian/Victorian curricular documents
Physical Education Sequence of lessons:
Pre-service teachers are required to prepare a sequence of at least three lessons on one topic (this may not be from one of the workshop reflections from AT2A) for Physical Education learners. The scope (what) and sequence (when) should include:
1. An introduction including a hypothetical description of the school context (eg location, size, SES of the school and
cohort you are teaching including student diversity)
2. The strand and sub-strand for the selected level chosen (ie. F, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6) including the level above and below for
the same content description and the area of Physical Education to be addressed
3. Intended Learning Outcomes covering the Content Descriptions and PE area for the levels selected
4. A rationale for the teaching and learning approach and sequence you have selected
5. Cater for a diversity of learners’ needs, interests, motivations and abilities
The scope and sequence must be developed for the Victorian F-10 Curriculum.
Submit a completed lesson sequence that clearly outlines:
6. Title, aims and outcomes
7. Students Learn About (SLAs) and Students Learn To (SLTs)
8. Lesson duration
9. The approach to teaching literacy and numeracy
10. The use of ICT to enhance learner understanding of key concepts
11. How will the sequence of lessons be evaluated?
12. How student learning will be assessed(assessment details including assessment criteria)?
13. Procedures and safety measures for Physical Education are adhered to
14. Ensure clear description of learning activities that will assist the skill development of the whole group and the individual students you have identified and a rationale for these.