Recent Question/Assignment

The International Ultra Indoor Cricket Federation (IUICF) has contracted you to assist in their analysis and reporting of results. You have been provided three data files:
• matchResults. json containing details of each match (the teams that played, the players in the teams, and the runs, wickets and catches for each player).
• teamMembers. json containing the list of player IDs associated to each team.
• playerNames. csv containing the name of each player associated to each player ID.
The IUICF want you to use these three files to provide the needed four pieces of analysis below. The IUICF also want to use your code for analysis of future data files.
1. Write the code to compute the total runs scored by each team for each match. Run your code on the data and present the results in a table showing the match number, the home and away team names and their runs.
2. The winner of each match is the team who scored the most runs. Each team scores 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw and the team with the most points at the end of the season is the season winner. Write the code to compute each team’s points after the first 14 matches and the 28 matches. Provide the results in a table (two tables, one table for each set of results), ordering teams by their points (i.e. a results ladder).
3. An investigation into home game advantage in planned for the coming months. Write a function that takes the file “matchResults.json” as its only argument, and returns a count of the number of home games each team has had and the total number of games each team has played in. Provide these results in a data frame. Run the function on the provided “matchResults.json” and show the resulting table output.
4. Provide a table containing the set of player names of players that played for Parramatta, and their average number of Wickets per game. This table is to be used to provide a bowling award. Order the table from highest to lowest average Wickets and split ties using the number of matches (e.g. if two players have an average of 2, but one has played more matches, then the player who has played more matches should ordered in front of the other).
Write a PDF report containing your code and all required analysis and results. The report is being marked using the marking criteria, so make sure that each piece of analysis covers all of the criteria.