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Assignment 2: Research Essay Submission
Word limit: 2000 words (excluding appendices and reference List)
Big data, the semantic web and its impact on organisations and society
Big data is a popular topic that has made its way into the conversation about the semantic web and how large data sets will change the way in which organisations operate, communicate to and interact with society.
Using a case study of your choice, explore and interrogate the concept of big data in relation to the future of the ’web of things’:
• What does ‘big data’ mean in the context of your case study?
• How is this data accessed and gathered?
• How can it be interpreted to have a potential impact on organisations and society?
More information on this assignment and other supporting documents will be provided in
seminars and on MyUnits.
You should draw on the unit readings and at least 10 other academic and non-academic
sources to support your discussion.