Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment task 2: Discussion board assessment
Weight: 30%
Format: 1.5 line spacing, Ariel 12, APA 7th Referencing
Length: 500 word discussion posts
Due date: 10th of October 2021, 23:59 hrs
Assessment description:
In this assessment you will be creating an original post and a reply post to your peers based on a healthcare topic that interests you. (AGED CARE IN AUSTRALIA)
Assessment instructions
Create an original post explaining a research question you have developed on a healthcare challenge. The original post should explain what the healthcare challenge is and include a breakdown of the PICO or PICo that you have used to create your research question.
Criteria of original post [post 1]:
• Clearly and succinctly summarises the healthcare topic of interest
• Develops an appropriate research question using the PICO or PICo framework and explains which model was selected and why
• Evaluates the most suitable forms of evidence to answer the research question providing examples of at least one relevant resource [better to use two resources] to support the evaluation. Recent articles within the last 5 years last 10 years should be included, from 2017 2012 and onward.
Please note:
[References are not included in the word count]
[1st person is acceptable]
A question based on Aged Care in Australia would be a good topic