Recent Question/Assignment

One key principle is -older people should be supported to exercise choice , their own lives and make decisions to the fullest extent possible, including being able to take risks and be involved in the planning and delivery of their care.
Using the context provided in the statement above, critically analyse your role registered nurse in empowering the older adult.
You must include each of the following 3 sections under section headings.
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Section 1 Why the key principle noted above is important for healthy ageing.
Section 2 How the Aged Care Quality Standards, in particular Standards 1 and 2 support the key principle above.
Section 3 Analysis of your role as nurse - examples of how you will incorporate ACQ Standards 1 and 2 into your care of older people in order to realise the key principle mentioned above. You may consider older people residing in the community or in supported accommodation.
It is essential you support your discussion with relevant research.