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this assessment needs to have good articles, show an understanding of the topics, and be well organized.

Assessment 2 - Semester 2 2021
Title: International Strategic Plan
Weight: 60% (total)
Assessment Type: (a) Individual video Presentation (10% of overall mark)
(b) Written Report (50% of overall mark)
Purpose: This assessment item is designed to build planning, organising, cognitive, research and creative problem-solving skills and the ability to formulate innovative global and/or international market entry strategies and solutions.
Due Date (presentation): Week 13, Wednesday @ 23.59 PM (YouTube or PowerPoint with voice-over)
Due Date (paper): Week 13, Thursday @ 23.59 PM (TurnitIn)
Presentation Duration: 8-minutes uploaded to YouTube (face must be visible; submit the link to BB), or,
create and upload a voice-over PowerPoint to TurnitIn.
Report Length: 2500 words (+/- 100 words) excluding a 1-page mandatory Executive summary, table of contents and supportive appendices ( 20-pages). Pictures and graphs etc. in the body of text (professional business format report). These are not included in the word count.
Format: Written report using size 12 pt. Times New Roman font with 1.5 line spacing, 1-inch margins. APA Referencing required.
Group or Individual: Individual
Optional or Compulsory: Compulsory
Learning outcomes: AoL: KS (1.1, 1.2), HO (2.1, 2.2), PC (3.1, 3.2)
Assessment Description:
Most strategies fail due to poor analysis and implementation. To further build your analytical and adaptive skills, we will provide you with two well-known MNC’s to choose from, and two potential countries for your market entry. You need to investigate their current strategy and recommend an expansion strategy. I.e., what product category/categories is missing in their current portfolio (investment); does their current strategy make sense; should they cease operations (divestment) of one/more product category to better enable your recommendation(s)? You will prepare an International Strategic Plan (presentation and report). You will research and compare the two countries and select one of them to be the trial market of your expansion strategy prior to a global roll-out. You will outline the ‘fit’ of the above recommendation(s) to the chosen countrys political, legal, and economic systems. You will examine factors of operations and performance and assess any impact of current issues regarding international market entry. You will provide a solid rationale in support of your recommendations.
At minimum, your report will cover your selected company’s current strategy, what you recommend changing (and reasons why), what you recommend instead, which country you recommend for your company to enter (and why), all aspects of international business and strategy (and why), including one ‘new’ industry to enter (target), selected entry mode (how to enter the selected market), and a solid rationale for each component.
• From week 7-12 you are welcome to present your choices (client, industry, country, entry mode) and an overview of your IB Strategic Plan to your peers. This provides a valuable opportunity to seek feedback.
• The report must be well researched, reflect considerable thought and be well-organised, both in terms of a central argument and in practical terms. The marking guide should be referred to while preparing your assignment as it provides a statement of the criteria by which it will be assessed.
• Remember to write in a professional manner following the QUT Cite/Write guidelines:
• Additional information might be provided during the lectures, tutorials and via BLACKBOARD.
Ensure that you keep save digital backup copies of your assignment in case the original file is lost.
Good Luck!