Recent Question/Assignment

Diary Entry for a work experience reflection for Early Childhood education and Care QQI6 , the diary entry is required to be presented in the below format for 8 entry's.
Two diary entries per week with a minimum of 8 entries in total in the following format
No. of Children Present:
No. of Adults Present: State the role of each adult
Introduction: Describe feelings, e.g. I was quite anxious but also really looking forward to today’s session. This would be my first experience of reading a story to the whole class...etc. the things you are looking forward to, anxious about etc.
Planning and Preparation: Document all planning and preparation
Body: This is the main part of the diary entry.
• You need describe the day’s events,
• the exercises/activities you observed or took part in,
• interactions – child/child, child/adult, adult/adult
• the routines you observed, took part in etc.
• how circle went, its themes and outcomes,
• the general mood and atmosphere,
• what happened to you, anecdotes
• recording and assessment
• linking to Aistear and Síolta
• your personal feelings about something or someone.
Evaluation: This should include your reflection on the day. What went well and why, what didn’t and why, what would you do differently next time, e.g., planning, technique, etc. analyse your strength and weaknesses on the day and how you will work on your weakness etc.
Conclusion: The diary entry is always concluded with a comment about the day, e.g., Overall, it was an exciting day or the situation at that moment, e.g. I am tired now, after a long day at work.
You should also write about your future in this part.