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PROG31975 – Advanced Mobile App Development Assignment – 1
Evaluation: 100 Points. (5%)
• I will use iPhone 11 to run your app so make sure your app runs properly on a simulator with the same configuration.
• Besides implementing the required functionality submissions are required to use the correct coding conventions used in class, professional organization of the code, alignment, clarity of names is all going to be part of the evaluation. Comments for code snippets are recommended but not required.
You are to create an iOS app named YOURFIRSTNAME_MyORDER (such as Jigisha_MyOrder) as per the specifications given below, so that the app allows the user to place an order for a single coffee and display the list of orders placed.
• Screen 1:
o The first screen allows the user to choose the details of their order and store it in the array or dictionary. Consider the following details for the order to be placed.
? Provide the pickers to choose coffee type (such as dark roast, original blend, vanilla, etc.)
? Provide the picker/segmented control to choose the coffee size (such as small, medium, large)
? Ask the user to enter quantity (number) of coffee through TextField (such as 1 cup, 2 cups, etc.)
? Provide the button to add the selected coffee details (coffee type, size and quantity) to the dictionary/array of all the orders placed
o Screen 1 must have a bar button in the right side of navigation bar which should allow the user to open the next screen to view the list of all the orders placed.
o You must send information about all the orders to the next screen when opened by clicking the navigation bar button.
• Screen 2:
o The second screen should display a List with all the orders received from first screen. Each list item should display selected coffee, its size and quantity. Design appropriate layout and appearance for the list item.
• Your app must successfully run and perform above mentioned operations. Your app UI must be arranged and organized appropriately with legible text and using Stacks/Grids. You must use appropriate keyboard type for the inputs. Use appropriate aesthetics for the views displayed on screen.
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Submission Checklist:
• Write the comments containing your student ID, full name at top of each file.
• The zip of your entire project folder named it as YourFirstname_MyOrder (No .7zip or .rar please).
• A screen-recording of your app execution which should demonstrate all the functionalities and/or errors if any.
• In the comment section of your submission, write the reflection (approximately a paragraph) mentioning your learning in the assignment, any difficulties that you have faced while doing the assignment and how you managed to resolve them.
1. All assignment shall be submitted by the deadline. Late submissions will be penalized with 10% per day for up to 3 calendar days after which the assignment cannot be submitted anymore. See the Academic Procedure for Evaluations.
2. If you want to use any entitled accommodation for the assignment, you MUST inform the professor at least 2 working days in advance of the due date.
3. Remember that completing the assignment by yourself will ensure your success on the midterm and final exam. See the Academic Honesty at Sheridan.
4. It is mandatory to meet the naming conventions specified for all the files to be submitted.
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