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CPCCBC4018A: Assessment 4 Answer Sheet
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What you have to do
For this assessment, read the questions below and answer.
How you will be assessed
The questions in this assessment cover a number of areas within the unit of competency
You will need to show that you are competent across all the areas contained in this assessment.
YOU MUST show all workings where you have done calculations.
Please type your answers in black font. (Calibri 12 point)
1. From the readings entered in the table below, complete the reduction of the level run and determine the reduced levels.
Back sight Intermediate
sight Fore sight Rise Fall Reduced
Level Remarks
2.483 28.045 BM4
2.469 0.283 CP1
2.100 Manhole
0.812 Kerb
2.750 0.321 CP2
0.755 0.840 CP3
0.268 Step
0.486 2.522 CP4
0.265 2.248 CP5
2.501 FFL
2.991 BM4

a) What is the misclose of the level run?
b) Is this acceptable? Why or why not?
2. The site plan attached below shows a proposed cottage on a typical residential block of land. The proposed cottage is single storey and has a side setback requirement of 900mm (i.e. the wall to boundary dimension for the side boundaries).
The house is shown set 900mm from the Southern boundary.
a) Determine if the northern side boundary complies with minimum 900mm setback.
b) Calculate the dimensions of the side boundaries, ‘ad’ and ‘ce’.
Show all your working.
3. The second site plan attached below depicts a 20 x 40m block of land with a 5 x 5m grid shown in dotted lines. The grid is identified west to east with the numerals 1 to 5 and north to south A to I.
The table below gives the ‘spot’ levels taken on the grid points. The levels have been recorded to the nearest 10mm.
1 0.00 0.08 0.82 1.08 1.36 1.62 1.84 2.06 2.38
2 0.06 0.53 1.06 1.20 1.48 1.73 1.88 2.21 2.52
3 0.25 1.02 1.18 1.32 1.54 1.81 1.98 2.64 2.53
4 0.52 1.10 1.26 1.45 1.65 1.94 2.15 2.65 2.86
5 0.99 1.22 1.38 1.50 1.80 2.01 2.22 2.38 3.00
Plot the spot levels on the site plan grid and draw the contour lines at an interval of 0.500m intervals.

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