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Case Study
Marlee, age 34 and her son Jake aged 14.
Marlee and Jake were referred to the Family Support Service where you work, and their case has been allocated to you (you are a family support worker). The family are Indigenous.
Marlee and Jake were referred by the Student Welfare Coordinator at Jake's School following the discovery of marijuana in Jake's locker. The Student Welfare Coordinator said he had made a report about Jake to Child Protection, but Child Protection had closed the case without investigating because there were no immediate and significant risks concerns regarding Jake.
Marlee's partner Tim had recently been imprisoned for drug offences and she had been struggling to cope without him.
Up until Tim's imprisonment Marlee and Tim had both been using heroin - although Marlee insisted that she only occasionally used heroin in order to prevent withdrawal symptoms. After Tim's imprisonment Marlee and Jake moved in with Marlee's sister because Marlee had been unable maintain payment of rent. Marlee's sister lives on her own in a two bedroom rental property. Marlee reports her relationship with her sister to be conflictual.
After Tim was imprisoned Marlee went on the methadone program.
In your initial sessions with Marlee she gradually revealed a long history of trauma, abuse, family violence, mental illness, substance abuse and transience. During his life Jake has moved schools 7 times.
During a joint session you observed some significant challenges in the family relationships e.g., with Jake presenting as withdrawn and non-communicative in the sessions. This situation does not seem to be helped by the fact that Marlee provides Jake with few positives in terms of warmth or affirmation.
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Assessment 1: Moodle Question (10%); Due in Week 3
Assessment 1 (600 - 800 words, 10%)
For this assessment you are required to respond to three questions relating to the case study of Marlee and Jake.
You are required to write 600 - 800 words in total.
• This is an open book assessment.
• You may use, but are not expected to use references. If you do take information from a source (e.g., a book, journal article, website, class lecture) you MUST reference (ARA 7) that source.
• It is expected this assessment task should take you approximately one (1) hour to complete.
• You have five (5) days to complete it and no extensions will be granted.
Drawing from Lectures 1 and 2, read the following case study and answer the following three questions.
How does:
1. the concept of 'multiple and complex needs' help you to better understand and respond to this case (4 marks) ? 2. ecological theory help you to better understand and respond to this case (3 marks)
3. trauma theory help you to better understand and respond to this case (3 marks)