Recent Question/Assignment

Topic: Students are to create a Social Marketing Plan (SMP) that addresses
the implementation of a Covid-19 immunisation program.
This immunisation SMP must be in your current geographical and cultural
context. It must therefore use an implementation approach that is appropriate
for the groups you are working with. How can you get the message across that
will maximise your chance of success?
What are the readings on wisdom used for?
The readings are an example of what wisdom literature looks like. Any other
readings may be used.
Students are expected to base their social marketing planned on established
wisdom which includes published research.
It is very important that students don’t just guess. It’s not what THEY
think. What does the literature suggest to them will work in your context?
How should students structure their report?
Students should look at the marking rubric.
This shows the structure of the SM plan.
Students should then allocate their work accordingly.
That is, they should look at the section headings and see what is expected