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From Prisons to Detention Centres: Interrogating Containment
Research Essay: Instructions and Questions
Worth: 30% of total assessment
Length: 1,200 words
Due: 11.55pm, Friday 15th October 2021
This research essay will assess your understanding of the nature, significance, and implications of modern containment as a global phenomenon. It will also evaluate your capacity to critically engage with key issues relating to modern containment as explored in PDC.
Marking criteria:
• Construction of a logical, sustained and well supported argument
• Understanding of the nature and significance of ‘modern containment’ as a global practice
• Critical engagement with key issues relating to different forms of incarceration and detention
• Comprehension and effective use of LST1PDC and other scholarly sources
• Clarity of writing with attention to proper expression and grammar and compliance with academic standards of presentation
• Compliance with academic referencing practices
Reading: You are required to explicitly use and cite at least 6 different sources in your essay.
These must include:
• at least 3 scholarly readings drawn from the LST1PDC reading list. These can be listed as either required or further readings, may be from any part of the subject and can include books, journal articles and published reports generated by reputable bodies; and
• at least 3 additional scholarly materials that you have found yourself, including books, journal articles and published reports generated by reputable bodies.
Please note that newspaper articles and other media items, such as audio-visual material, can be used but will not count towards meeting the above requirements.
Advice and assistance
Please consult your tutor or our Subject Support Tutor if you require additional advice in completing this assessment or are experiencing any difficulties. Peer Learning Advisors can also be consulted for assistance: The Library Learning Hub has a range of resources and workshops where you can get support, feedback and resources to help you improve your academic skills.
Requests for extensions should be made directly to your tutor at least three days prior to the due date.
Preparation, Presentation and Referencing
• Your essay should be prepared and submitted using either:
o MS Word (.doc and .docx) o WordPerfect (.wpd)
• Use A4 size pages and a clear, simple and legible black font – either 11 or 12 point
• Double-space the text
• Your essay should be preceded by a title page that indicates: your name, student number, seminar group (day, time and location) and your tutor’s name.
• Make sure you indicate on the first page which essay question you are answering.
• Reference any sources you directly quote or draw upon in your essay using Harvard referencing system. This is modelled in the library’s referencing tool at
• Include a reference list at the end. It should include all of the materials you have explicitly cited in the essay. Any material that is not explicitly used in the course of the essay should not be included in the reference list. (Note that the reference list is not included in the word limit).
• Prior to submitting your essay, you should ensure that it complies with basic academic standards concerning presentation and referencing, and that in particular, it does not breach the University's policy on plagiarism or collusion:
• Your essay must be submitted electronically as a Word document via the ‘Research Essay Submission Link’ in the Assessments block on the LST1PDC LMS site.
• You will only be allowed to submit your essay once.
• Your essay will be subject to Turnitin, a web-based text-matching software system, which can be used to assist in the detection of plagiarism and collusion.
• You do not need to submit a confirmation of submission or originality report.
• Please ensure that you keep an electronic copy of your essay. The last modification/access date on the file should accord with or before the day of submission.
Choose one of the following questions to respond to:
1. Today, modern containment is a global phenomenon. What role has colonisation played in the globalisation of modern containment? Discuss the lasting impacts.
2. Has youth containment changed over time? Consider the historical case of Winlaton Youth Training Centre, and the contemporary example of Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in your response.
3. “Resistance is a significant part of First Nations people’s experiences of containment in Australia.” Discuss this statement with reference to at least one example.
4. What role did gender play in the lunatic asylum system and the containment of people perceived to be mentally ill?
5. Focusing on ONE of the case studies below, answer the following question: How and to what extent might your chosen case study be considered a ‘total institution’, according to Goffman?
a. Asylums and mental hospitals; or
b. Reformatories and youth detention; or
c. Internment of civilians in Australia during WW1 and WW2, or
d. Migration and immigration detention.