Recent Question/Assignment

2500 words
Your essay should be a written response to the brief I gave the pitch teams in week 4 i.e. to pitch for AVIS BUDGET with a budget of $3m
Please write your essay along the same lines as a pitch presentation, as we have been discussing in class. Please review class recordings for further details
Marking criteria #1 (30%). Demonstrate that you understand the scope of the brief and detail your strategic response to the brief. What strategic insights do you have? What consumer insights do you have?
Marking criteria #2 (30%). Present your creative ideas for communicating both brands, ensuring clear positioning separation between both
Marking criteria #3 (20%). Detail your media recommendations i.e. what channels will you use and why. Remember the total budget is $3m which should also include agency fees and production
Marking criteria #4 (20%). Reflect on which tactics you would use to win a pitch such as this. What would you do to ensure that your 'agency' was successful in this pitch?