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Content Strategy
Assessment 3 - Breakdown
Due: Week 12
Weighting: 50%
Type: Group Project Multi-Media Presentation
Working individually or in groups, develop a content strategy for a product, brand, service or organisation (relevant to an area of digital media specialisation*). The presentation must incorporate a detailed description of the ‘Golden Circle’ relationship between the purpose (‘why’), the message (‘what’), the audience ( “who”) and the most effective technologies to be employed as a delivery platform (‘how’). Also present a written description of how the strategy relates to context (time, place, society, culture, current affairs, trends, technology) and approach to ethical considerations (Corporate Social Responsibility). Presentation to class using multi-media.
*The strategy for your product, brand, service or organisation just needs to incorporate high-level use of digital media and technology.
25-35 slides (3000 words or equivalent*) / Can include video and audio elements / Include
10-20 visual references / All citations must use Macleay/Harvard referencing
*I am not concerned about the word count. If you are visualising your ideas well, you won’t need as many words to get your ideas across.
Upload the visual presentation to Moodle as PDF files for marking / Video and Audio files should be embedded.
Your slide presentation should include:
BRAND OVERVIEW (brand story, values, tone of voice)
PRODUCT / SERVICE (what is it you are marketing?)
COMPETITORS (how are you different, what can you offer?)
CULTURAL ANALYSIS (What is in the marketplace? Or culture, current affairs, trends and technology? Any insights?)
CAMPAIGN IDEA (what is the hook that ties your campaign together?)
OBJECTIVES (what do you want your campaign to achieve?)
ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS (these could be a part of your brand values which echo in your content)
Each post should include:
? Understanding of the funnel (demonstrate each level)
? Type of content (image, video etc)
? Message of content
? Whether it’s paid / organic
? Call-to-action
? Metrics (how will you measure success?)
Content Plan template for inspo (make a copy if you want to use it)
Content Plan example
EXAMPLES OF CONTENT (show me how your content might look - just one post from each platform. You can actually create the content, if you like.)
? You need to demonstrate how the strategy and campaign message (WHY, WHAT, WHO, HOW) you propose can be used to achieve a clear outcome using digital platforms and technology.
? Visualise your ideas. Don’t just put an essay into a slide doc. The ‘client’ (me) should be listening to you, not reading the slides.
? You should show the use of at least 3 platforms across a content plan and highlight at least 3 examples of content discussing the purpose, call-to-action and message of each.
? Think about a big tech idea that you can incorporate into your campaign - this, in turn, could create content, buzz and PR.
? Also, consider the customer journey. Where are you leading your consumers? What is the ultimate destination (conversion) for you to achieve your objectives? And how can you measure this?