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LST1PDC 2021
From Prisons to Detention Centres: Interrogating Containment Assessment 3: Presentation and Peer Review Exercise
Worth: 20% of total assessment (15% presentation and 5% peer review)
Due: Presentations by start of weeks 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (9am Mondays). Peer Reviews by end of each week 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 (11.59pm Sundays).
Submission: Online via LMS ‘Assessments’ block
Presentation Length: 3-4 minutes
Presentations are completed individually and submitted to your seminar’s online forum on LMS (under ‘Assessments’ block) by 9am Monday of your allocated week during weeks 7-11 (i.e. if your allocated week is week 7, you must upload your presentation by 9am Monday 6 September, i.e. the start of Week 7).
Peer reviews are completed individually and online in your seminar’s forum in LMS. You must complete five peer reviews in total and at least one peer review for each week during weeks 7-11 by replying to any one presentation uploaded, responding to the set peer review questions below. Peer reviews are due by 11.59pm Sunday each of these weeks.
Presentation Instructions
You are required to individually create a PowerPoint presentation with a narrated audio recording on a selected topic (choose one from the provided options below) for one of the weeks 7-11. Please see instructions for audio recording in PowerPoint in the LMS. Student’s presentation weeks are allocated in seminars in Week 4 – if you do not have a week to present, please contact your tutor to arrange one.
The presentation must be no more than 3-4 minutes long and include 2-3 content slides. Each slide should be referenced using the La Trobe Harvard Referencing System, and you should include an additional ‘List of References’ slide at the end of the presentation.
You are required to upload your narrated presentation in your designated week to your seminar’s LMS forum (in the ‘Assessments’ block under Assessment 3) by 9am Monday of your allocated week. Please make the subject for the post: Week X Presentation: TOPIC.
The presentation is worth 15% of your overall mark.
Presentations will be assessed by teaching staff (not fellow students) based on the following criteria:
• Demonstrated understanding of chosen topic (3 marks available)
• Engagement with a concept or idea canvassed in PDC (3 marks available)
• Incorporation of relevant and credible sources and research, including references (3 marks available)
• Slides are clear, informative and visually engaging, with minimal to no errors (3 marks available)
• Verbal presentation is relevant, concise, engaging and easily understandable (3 marks available)
Peer Review Instructions
You are required to complete a total of five peer reviews; that is one per week during weeks 7-11. You can submit your peer review each week by replying to the presentation post in your seminar’s forum in the LMS. You should complete your peer review by the end of each week (11.59pm on Sunday) to receive 1 mark towards the total 5 marks available for peer reviews.
Please be mindful that the presenter will be able to read your feedback – make it constructive, but kind and fair (just as if you were speaking face-to-face in a classroom environment). To be awarded 1 mark, each peer review must include:
• One or more strengths of the presentation
• One area for improvement
• One question it prompted about the topic
There is no word limit for peer reviews. Incomplete or inappropriate posts will receive 0 marks. PRESENTATION TOPICS
Under each weekly theme, you will find a choice of presentation topics.
Please choose ONE of the below topics (e.g., 7a or 7b) and link it to ONE key theory or concept explored in LST1PDC to present on in your allocated presentation week.
Week 11: Border Crossing and Containment: International Experiences
a) Moria Refugee Camp, Greece
b) Suruç Refugee Camp, Turkey
c) Roszke Detention Centre in Hungary
d) Matamoros Refugee Camp, Mexico
e) Kalideres Camp, West Jakarta (Indonesia)
f) Brook House Immigration Removal Centre, UK
g) Kutupalong Refugee Camp, Bangladesh
h) Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan
i) Panian Camp, Pakistan
j) Rafah Camp, Gaza Strip
k) Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

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