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MBAS901 Essential Elements for Business Analytics : Final Assignment
Total Marks: 100
Weight: 50%
Submission Mode: One PDF File (with all content) on Moodle
Part A. [30 marks]
Think of a situation from your work/life where you can use business analytics to make a decision. Analyse the situation (based on the Business Analytics Life Cycle taught in class) and write your answer in the below format: a) Business Understanding -Description of the Problem
b) Data Understanding Required
c) Data Preparation Required
d) Type of Model(s) Required
e) Type of Evaluation Technique Required
You MUST justify and explain every item (a) to (e) as to how they are suitable to the situation and problem you mentioned
Part B. [70 marks]
You are given a dataset of selling prices of houses along with their features/predictors. You may use the dataset in SAS Viya called HOUSEPRICE or use the attached .csv file. You are required to do the following: a) Perform and discuss Data Understanding required using SUITABLE charts and graphs
b) Perform and discuss Data Preparation required
c) Identify and build a suitable model to predict the selling price of a new house
d) Identify and list the important predictors to determine the selling price of the house
e) Determine and list the model evaluation techniques required
f) Report the evaluation results of your model and suggest how the model can be improved
g) Suggest other modeling technique(s) that can be used on this dataset. Explain how it will help?
Your answer MUST include answers to ALL the above parts including texts and figures/charts from SAS Viya