Recent Question/Assignment

Oral presentation instructions
Make sure the presentation can last 20 minutes
1. Background Information What are some of the arguments presented in the literature? Are there any ethical issues involved here? What issues, gaps do you think requires further investigation? (This is what they found in previous research – what issues and additional questions should you examine?)
2. Your research Your questions MUST be linked to the evidence – and which issues require further exploration / gaps Your research questions MUST NOT be yes/ no unless testing knowledge. You must convey the following:
Survey: (QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH) it must contain: Likert scales; Rank opinions/ offer space for comment; content analysis, identifying objects. Further. I would like you to create these research questions that can be used in a survey that comply with the aspects above eg, likert scales, rank opinions etc.
3. Discuss – Explain how your key findings are the same or different to previous findings. Consider the limitations of your research.
4. Conclude: What is your stance now (supported by evidence)? You don’t have to agree/disagree just support what you are thinking now with evidence.
What makes a successful coach? Coaches at any age group can have a profound impact on athletes / players. Conduct a study with coaches and players of different sports and age groups. For example, junior sport, amateur adult level, elite level, individual or team sports. What makes a successful coach? Are there common characteristics and traits they think describe a successful coach and their behaviours? What factors do they consider important when working with teams/individuals? For the coaches: Do they have a coaching philosophy? What psychological objectives do they have for those with which they work? How do they motivate their charges?