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PROG1001 Programming I Assessment 2
Your task is to complete weekly activities (Topic 1 through to Topic 6) included in the study guides and identified as “Practical Activities”. These activities range from recording a screenshot of your work, to exporting archives of your game, to submitting a guided activity from the study guide, to providing an example to illustrate a particular concept, including an explanation in your own words. You will also learn to create your own scenario which you will use later in the Portfolio.
The deliverables of this assignment are:
1. A word document (.doc or .docx) with title page, contents, page numbers and headings. Included in this document are various answers to activities as well as explanations and screenshots.
2. A folder (zipped for submission) with all gfar (Greenfoot archive) files which are answers for the activities indicated throughout the study guide. These should be named as specified through the study guide.
All activities marked with a *** in Modules 1 through to Module 6 will be marked for your Practical skills assessment. The activities will add to 15 marks.
• Your zipped Practical Skills folder, named as
Eg: my portfolio zip would be
Note that this zipped Portfolio folder should include your portfolio document, named as specified in Module 1 as well as your gfar files.
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