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ASSIGNMENT 2 [50 marks]
[Times New Roman, 12, 1.5 spacing, 4-5 pages – Turnitin – 15 ]
Consider these 5 cases:
• Connor’s family is homeless. He is always absent and when he does come for classes he is tired and hungry. The other students avoid him and most of the time he is by himself. He loses school materials whenever he takes them home and rarely completes his tasks.
• Kelsy has good skills and her family gives her everything she needs. However, she has trouble completing tasks, lacks motivation, needs constant attention, and has few friends.
• Eton arrived in Malaysia last year after escaping his war-torn country with his uncle’s family. He lives with his uncle’s family and misses and worries about his parents and family members who still live in their country. He speaks and understands very little English and often gets into trouble because he does not understand and follow the rules.
• Tammy’s parents recently separated and it was a surprise to everyone. Her parents were very active in school and in other aspects of Tammy’s life. Her behavior is now very erratic. Sometimes she withdraws and at other times she gets angry for no apparent reason. She often complains about feeling unwell and cannot complete her tasks.
• Sam is a very bright student who is especially good at Mathematics. As he always completes his tasks quickly (even the more difficult ones) and seems to be way ahead of his classmates, he often expresses boredom. Even though he likes his classmates and sometimes helps them with their Mathematics tasks, he feels unchallenged during Mathematics classes.
Based on the cases above, discuss the following with relevant theories wherever necessary. Analyze and discuss each student case SEPARATELY by answering all the following questions.
a. What are his/her educational strengths?
b. What are his/her educational needs?
c. What skills and resources would you need (as a teacher) to address his/her educational strengths and needs?
d. Considering his/her strengths and needs, how would placement in an inclusive classroom benefit him/her?
reference : 6