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CHCECE025 - Embed sustainable practices in service operations

Question 1
a. Explain how the national framework discusses embedding sustainable practices within services. Please include one (1) example from each of these NQS, learning Framework and National regulations.
b. Identify four (4) strategies that a service can apply in order implement sustainable practices within their service.
c. Give four (4) practices that a service can apply to implement their strategies on sustainability.
Question 2
Children can learn about sustainability through their play experiences.
a) Identify and briefly discuss three types of natural material that can be provided to children as part of their play experiences.
b) Research and discuss three (3) experiences that can be provided for children to encourage participation as well learning of their natural environment. In your response, reference experiences that include animals and recycling. Identify how these experiences educate the children and one (1) strategy that you could apply.
Question 3
a. A service is participating in a chicken hatching program. How is this of any value in building an understanding about animal life for children across all age groups?
b. Why is it important for educators to have an understanding of global issues, such as climate change, ozone layer effects, greenhouse effect, earth resources and biodiversity. Discuss three (3) opportunities to improve the children’s understanding of global issues and identify one (1) resource where educators can gain information about these issues and how they affect the natural environment.
Question 4
a. Building partnerships with local communities is an important resource for acquiring knowledge, skills and value for services. Explain this statement.
b. How can services build partnerships with their local communities?
c. Explain the importance of including the Indigenous perspective on sustainability?
Question 5
a. Discuss at least two (2) of the barriers that hinder educators, families, or children from supporting sustainability practices?
b. How can services educate and inform educators and families to support sustainability in their practices?
Question 6
a. What should be included in a service’s sustainability program.
b. Explain qualitative and quantitative processes that can be used to evaluate a sustainability program?
c. How can both of these processes improve methods of evaluating the effectiveness of sustainability practices?
Question 7
a. Identify the Element in NQS that stipulates the requirements of having a service philosophy. Discuss service philosophy in context of ECEC and how it could relate to sustainable practices.
b. While reviewing a service policy on sustainability it is important for stakeholders to know what is included in it. Discuss what a service policy in sustainability could include.
c. Explain how would involving stakeholders in the process of policy formation and review enable them in changing their behavior.
Question 8
a. Discuss three (3) strategies that services can implement to encourage sustainable practices
b. Discuss two (2) strategies that could be implemented when considering a more sustainable approach to cleaning
c. There are many ways that we can ensure that buildings and equipment do not negatively impact the environment. Discuss how we can make changes to operations to reduce negative impacts on the environment. In your response, include at least two ways we can increase energy efficiency in relation to the use of equipment.
Question 9
Discuss the following in relation to the development of a sustainability management plan:
a. Waste
b. Energy
c. Toxins
Question 10
It is important for Educators to be aware of negative environmental challenges that are increasingly facing our planet. Discuss in 300 - 400 words, how the following negatively impact our natural environment and the future of the planet.
Climate change
Damage to the ozone layer
Greenhouse emissions
The planet’s resources
Question 11
A service philosophy outlines the purpose and principles under which the service operates. What can you include in your service philosophy that would reflect your sustainable practices?
Learner Instructions
Please complete your answers in the fields provided below and ensure you keep a copy of any assessment submissions.
Questions to be used as subheadings of your project.
You are appointed as the sustainability officer at your service. You realize that a major barrier in getting support from families and other educators is lack of information around sustainability and
environmental factors. When you give this feedback to your director, they decide that perhaps giving information would enable all stake holders to participate more actively.
Your director has asked you to put together information about sustainability to share with the families and other educators.
Using the following headings, put together the information that you could provide to support the sustainability of the service with the assistance of families and other educators in the service.
a) Human impact on environment
b) How children show their learning about the environment and how educators can support children
c) Discuss meaning of sustainability and areas you would assess as part of your service’s sustainability
You can include images to support your information. Your report should be a minimum of 700 words.