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Assessment 2:
Assessment type: Individual written assessment (1,000 words)
Purpose: Assessment 1 is a report critically analysing a nominated website. Students must identify all the good interface design principles used in the website design. The report should point out the good and bad practices of interface design. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes a and b.
Value: 20% Due Date: Week 5
Assessment topic: Analysis of nominated website
Task Details: Write an analysis report on one of the following type of websites:
o Magazine website.
o News Website.
o Crowdfunding Website.
o TV or video streaming Website.
o Community forum Website.
The report should include the following points:
1. Introduction: The introduction about your selected website. All the relevant information and background details should include.
2. Website Structure: The structure of your chosen website should be covered properly. The report should include how the website is set up, the individual subpages are linked to one another etc.
3. Interface Design: Identify at least 5-6 good and bad interface design principles used in the website design. Justify the good and bad interface design identified by you.
4. Screenshots: Provide screenshot samples for all the good and bad interface design principles you have identified in the website and support those with discussion.
5. Conclusion and Recommendations: After the analysis provide a comprehensive summary of the report. Also, add the limitations you have studied and what will be the future scope to overcome those limitations.
Assessment 2 Marking Rubric: