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Assessment task 1 Practice scenario
Task Description This assessment provides opportunity to reflect on your practice with your fellow students through an online discussion group before submitting your work for grading. This assessment piece involves three (3) components. You are required to reflect on a situation where you utilised your developing or advanced assessment skills in a complex situation. 1. Using the clinical reasoning cycle write a 8oo-word extended answer/summary which reflects a patient scenario from your practice where your health assessment skills were used or required. In your discussion focus on your use of specific health assessment skills highlighting the importance of each to the assessment process. Use the relevant literature to support your discussion. 2. Post your work into the discussion space on MyLO within three (3) days of the online discussion opening. This allows sufficient time for all group members to read, reflect and respond constructively. 3. Engage with a minimum of two (2) other students who have different examples to your own and respond constructively to their practice example in the discussion space in MyLO. Responses should be no more than 200 words each (+/-10%) and should be referenced appropriately. There is no maximum limit to how many response posts you can make, and you are encouraged to contribute across the discussion group to which you are allocated. 4.Draw upon your readings to suggest areas for further consideration around the assessment practice of your fellow student(s) whose work you have selected. Ensure respectful and insightful comments are provided. The aim is to generate discussion around health assessment. 5. Following the completion of the online discussion period, submit to the MyLO Assignment folder your 800-word extended answer/summary of your practice scenario with two (2) of your best discussion responses to other students, attached as appendices.
Assessment Criteria Measures Intended Learning Outcome:
Criterion 1 20% Posts own practice scenario into the discussion space in MyLO within three days of the online discussion commencing. Participates in the online activity and responds to the practice scenario of at least two other students with analytical comments. 1,2
Criterion 2 40% In the practice scenario, uses the clinical reasoning cycle. Demonstrates applied knowledge and understanding of appropriate health assessment skills related to the specific context examined, and the importance of each to the assessment process. 1,2
Criterion 3 20% Demonstrates awareness of the applied health assessment of two students, making insightful suggestions to extend their knowledge and skills. 1,2
Criterion 4 20% Demonstrates critical engagement in current and relevant evidence-based research. Writes clearly and succinctly in an appropriate academic style using UTAS Harvard referencing. Submits within the word count.
Task length 1200 words (total +/-10%) Practice scenario 8oo-words Appendix - Two (2) 200 words responses