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Module Title: Level 4: English Legal System and Legal Skills
Assignment: Written Assignment – Assessment 1 (Re-sit)
‘The sources of a law are those facts by virtue of which it is valid and which identify its content. This sense of -source- is wider than -formal sources- which are those establishing the validity of a law (one or more Acts of Parliament together with one or more precedents may be the formal source of one rule of law)’
- John Bell, ‘Sources of Law’ (2018) 77 Cambridge Law Journal 40, 43.
Critically analyse the importance of sources of law to the English legal system specifically focusing on the sources of customs and International law.
Word Limit: 1,000 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography)
The module assignment is designed to assess the learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the Module Descriptor:
Module Learning Outcome University Learning

MLO 1. Demonstrate a knowledge and clear understanding of the 1) Knowledge and
legal structures of the UK and EU. Understanding

MLO 2. Demonstrate a knowledge of the key concepts which 1) Knowledge and
underpin law and law making. Understanding

MLO 3. Demonstrate an understanding of the main sources of law. 1) Knowledge and

MLO 5. Demonstrate a high level of it, oral and written 2) Learning; 6)
communication skills and reflective practice. Communication; 8)

Guidance: Your work should demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the sources of law in the English legal system with a specific focus on the sources of customs and International law and their importance to the legal system of England and Wales.
Your answer must be adequately supported by appropriate authority including case law, legislation and academic literature. When formulating your answer, ensure that you provide an effective and coherent structure, and that your submission effectively engages with and answers the question. Also, make sure that you comply with OSCOLA referencing requirements, and that any material you use to inform your answer is correctly acknowledged in the footnotes and bibliography.