Recent Question/Assignment

Please read the following:
You are Frank Street. On May 4, 2021, you went to Sunshine Gardens to pick up flowers for your wife’s birthday. You called your order in the day before, and were told the flowers would be ready for pick up at 12:15 pm. When you arrived at the store to pick up the flowers, they were not ready and you had to wait 15 minutes. You had wanted to surprise your wife at work and deliver the flowers before her lunch break at 12:30 pm, however, due to the delay you would not make it there on time. Becky, the service manager at Sunshine Gardens, realized how disappointed you were that the flowers were not ready on time. She gave you a free box of chocolates to give to your wife for her birthday as a consolation for not fulfilling the order on time.
Write a brief letter of appreciation to the Manager, Mr. Thomas Green, including the background information above and your feedback about your experience. Your letter should be written in English (Maximum 500 words)