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Assignment question
The question is in three parts PART 1 (suggested 1,800 words)
A* a director of GRSKare Lamed. you are asked io review cadi of the IbSowuig six agenda iierm. J I. and J J. fee the board mentag to be hcM on IB Scpacraber 2020. For each agenda tot*
• Identify the key isvucts). sute the reasons why you believe the t»vue(») iVare significant. pros idmg jour analysis andralfaxule
• Sutc the questions you w ould ask al the board meet mg in re laiion lo each item
• Propose recoawacndaboaa Io addreaa the imuc(•) far the board's consideration
• Describe the anticipated outcomes, assuming your recommendations •re adopted
PART 2 (suggested 750 words)
I. Pnor to approving the financial statements, what key questions about the company'» perfamaree would you tak the CFO?
2. The Directon Dcctartoaon requwrs the Aeccwxs to dcciarv
• “the financ ia! to tor menu and notes are drawn up m coruplsanc e with accounting standards-
• ~*e financial staaewsato* and notes are drawing so as to give a true and fan view-
• “there are reasonable pounds to believe that the company will be able to pay its debts as and »hen they become due and payable-.
Based on the available information:
• Provide evidence supporting a “ CT-posaion for thudeclarabon
• Provide evidence supporting a “no- position for thisdeclaration
• What additional information *ould you request from the CFO before making a decision on how to vole on thiadcdaratioo?
• Grven cady de mfarmation currently asalaNc. adv neikiw you would wacatoarcacteicniaHad bydKchnir.laappvpvcngntogafdw dnocaon dedaralian, wiA key renaonf s I for your decision
PART 3 (suggested 450 words)
I. Identify five (5) additional (i.e. not previously discussed in answering any of the above) go emance issues that should raise concerns for the board.
2. Outline why you identified each issue and what you recommend should be done to address each issue.
3. For each of the additional governance issues, state how you would personally seek to influence your fellow directors to accept your recommendations.