Recent Question/Assignment

Each week, during weeks 2 to II, you will add entries to a reflective fournal. Each entry will explain and reflect upon key concepts and ideas that you have learnt or experienced In this course during the week.
Your journal will record your progression of learning over the semester. It will be an Invaluable source of material when preparing for your mid¬semester and final examinations.
Due date Weekly, from weeks 2 to 11 inclusive
Wordlimit IAtleast200wordsperentry(2,000wordstotal)
For each entry:
Use 12 pt font
Double-space your document to allow room for feedback
State your name and student number in the document header
State the word count in the document header
include a bibliography
Comply with the APA referencing style
j Submission | fo rmat PDF file (.pdf) or Word (.doc) only
Submission method Via the Tumitin dropbox on the Course Hub
Marking criteria Recall and understanding of concepts studied wficoncepts studied a iiim