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POLS1501 - Introduction to Peace and Conflict Analysis
Take-home Exam
? Due date: 10 June (2:00PM) – 11 June (11:00AM)
? (Make an essay plan first: structure (Introduction, body, conclusion) and argument)
? Include reference list and add page numbers on in-text references
? Each answer should be 900-1200 words.
? Answer 2 of those questions in an essay style format, write your answers in a word document or pdf form
? Students can use books, journal articles, library resources etc.
? ONLY TWO-THREE references for each question.
? Essays should follow a conventional essay format with a clear structure, arguments organised into proper paragraphs, an introduction etc. Work should be referenced throughout (including page numbers where relevant), but students should not get hung up on every detail of the referencing system (such as commas vs colons etc).
? The word limit for each of the two question is 1200 words (+/-10%). That means, for each question, the word limit is 1,200. Questions longer than the +10% buffer will be penalised.
Course Objectives:
? Understanding the causes and the incidences of violent conflict.
? Understanding the different ways of preventing, controlling, managing conflict; rebuilding after violent conflict, alternatives to war; building peaceful societies.
? Understanding ways to reduce premature deaths.
Course Topics:
The Causes of War (Part 1): Human Nature
The Causes of War (Part 2): States and the International System
Ethnic Conflict and Complex Emergencies
(Digital new) Media and its role in war and peace
Human Security
Ethics and Laws of War
Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding
Exam Questions: each answer 900-1200 words
1- ‘All wars in the post-Cold War era are driven by economic factors.’ Critically discuss.
2- ‘World peace is a humble aspiration but ultimately can never be achieved.’ Discuss.