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My name is Minh. I have an Auditing Midterm tomorrow, and my professor told me that there will be 1 big question that will show up on the exam. Since it is challenging, he gave us the question now to prepare for it. Attached file is the Excel file of Financial Statements of Macy's. I have conducted horizontal and vertical analysis as well as ratio analysis (this is told by my professor). Can someone help me to review my work, check for accuracy? Then, after doing the calculations, my task is to now answer these three short answer questions that will show up on the exam (I need you guys help in writing these short answers)
Tell the story of Macy's (overall understanding of how the company is currently doing after looking at its Balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement)
Discussion of the ratio analysis and any significant ones
What are the Risky accounts for Macy's and WHY? (ones that can greatly influence or chance of fraud or error)
THE MIDTERM IS TOMORROW 11AM ET so PLEASE get back to me with three questions answered asap. It would be greatly appreciated
Thanks and let me know,