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CD Assignment 2: Contemporary issue essay
Assignment 2 instructions: Contemporary issue
Assignment 2
Assessment Contemporary issue essay
Value 50%
Team or Individual
Format Length: 1750 words (plus or minus 10%). Use headings provided below.
Minimum 10 references, 7 years old or less, from a mixture of journal articles, books and credible websites (e.g. Australian Indigenous health info net). Your unit text is an edited book so reference the separate chapters that you use appropriately.
Do not reference unit lectures or tutorial activities for this assignment. Make sure your sources are credible. Remember to reference the individual chapters of edited books e.g. Biles and Biles
Format as per the SMN Assessment Guidelines and ECU Referencing Guide.
Due Date and See summary table
How to Submit Electronically via Blackboard Assessment folder Please keep your Turnitin receipt and ail UIULLIUIIIL LU|jy Ul IIIU IWUHk as proof of