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Part 2: Research Essay (70%)
Xero is advertised as a software that leverages machine learning. Some have argued that Xero’s utilization of new technologies will replace human bookkeepers.
Using a research essay format, critically evaluate the above statements. Key questions that your essay could address are:
i.) What is machine learning? (Bear in mind that there are various definitions of machine learning. Students could discuss these various definitions or choose one and discuss why they believe that this definition is authoritative)
ii.) Does Xero use machine Learning? (Some have argued that some companies say they use new technologies such as AI and machine learning but this is not actually true. That is some companies use these terms as marketing techniques. Is this the case for Xero?)
iii.) How does Xero use machine learning? Provide examples using your own experience using
Xero. For instance, working with the Xero links during this unit. E.g. Xero Live Electrical iv.) Do you believe that machine learning and other emerging technologies used by Xero will replace human bookkeepers?
v.) As an aspiring accountant how does the increasing automation of accounting make you feel? (Does it make you afraid that your job might be replaced by a computer? Are you not afraid because you’re confident with your computer skills?)
The questions are indicative and not exhaustive. You also don’t have to address all these questions. These questions are merely meant as guides. Feel free to interpret the questions in a manner that you believe best reflects the key themes of the essay being technology, automation and change. It is expected that essays should be within the range of 1,500 to 2,000 words. The essay must be properly referenced. Harvard and APA referencing styles are encouraged. The essay is to be submitted as either a Word or PDF document on the same link as the PDF certificate and video in Part 1 of this assignment: Assignment 3 Dropbox link
A rubric for the essay can be found on the next page