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ITAP3011 Developing Windows Applications
Weightage: 25%
Due date: Fri Lesson 12 5:00 PM
Late penalty applies on late submission, 10% per day would be deducted
0 mark for LATE Submission more than one week 0 mark for DUPLICATED Submission or Shared Work
You will be marked based on your submitted WORD DOCUMENT file on Moodle. You are most welcome to check your file with your lab tutor before your submission. No excuses will be accepted due to absence from lecture or lab classes where details of lab requirements may be given.
Please make sure that you attend Lec/Tut EVERY WEEK as low attendance may result in academic penalty or failure of this unit.
ITAP3011 Developing Windows Applications
The purpose of assignment is to assess students on the following Learning Outcomes:
LO 1 Explain and apply the key features of advanced Windows design and programming features
LO 2 Analyse user requirements and develop technical specifications
LO 3 Enhance a user interface by using advanced techniques
LO 4 Manage data controls and connectivity
LO 5 Evaluate and enhance the functionality and usability of Windows applications
Marking guide:
Note: This Marking Scheme is used as a guide only to the final grade, and rubric will be created upon.
Criteria (used as a guide only) Level of Performance
0 1 2 3 4 5
Created database with the mentioned tables
Screenshots of forms; Appropriate windows controls have been used
Buttons are used to involve some business functions / validation and data access
Used EDM, LINQ or Lambda to implement the data access functions representing various button clicks
Total: /25 marks
This project aims to assess the knowledge, skills and application of knowledge/skills imparted in the unit through a hands-on project.
The concepts tested in this are:
• Ability to develop a Windows Based application consisting of User Interface, Business Logic and Database
• Knowledge of .NET programming
• Skills in LINQ and Entity Framework Project Scope:
Functional Requirement:
Prepare a small University Library module that would help the librarian to issue books to students.
The following database tables are recommended for the system:
• Student (StudentID, StudentName, Course, Department, Address, Phone, BookQuota)
• Book (BookID, Title, ISBN, Author Names, BookPrice)
• Borrow (StudentID, BookID, BorrowDate, DueDate)
The following screens may be designed
• Screen for Librarian Editing Book Detail
• Screen for Librarian Editing Student Detail • Screen for Librarian to issue a book to a student.
• Screen for viewing all the Books currently borrowed. It should have variations in how the data can be queried and for each of this appropriate LINQ or Lambda has to be done.
1. Create a database with the mentioned tables.
a) You should design the table schema using appropriate data types and keys
b) You should populate test data in the tables
2. Create Entity Data Model for the database.
3. Design layout (windows forms) for the above four screens
a) You should design screens using standards across all four screens
b) Your screen should use appropriate windows controls
c) Your screen should have buttons for functions that can be performed by the screen. The
d) Button clicks would typically involve some business function/validation and data access.
4. Using the EDM, LINQ or Lambda, implement the data access functions representing the various button clicks.
Project Organisation:
The following is the suggested project organisation to implement the assignment.
1) Design of Database and screenshots
2) Creation of Database and screenshots
3) Once the above is done, you continue to develop the assignment, screenshot What to submit:
A) Combine 1, 2 and 3 of the above (screenshots only) in a word document
B) Zipped your Project folder along with (A)
C) Submit (B) via LMS