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Additional guidance for poster assignment
Depending on the topic you choose, you may consider the following areas for your poster:
• Make sure that your target group is clear and supported by evidence. For example, smoking during pregnancy or smoking at 12-18 years old etc. This should be based on evidence. For example, research or statistics showing smoking during pregnancy is an issue
• Definition of the health issue/need
• Epidemiology statistics- local national and international where available
• Policy and Guidance, strategy- brief description of them
• Signs and symptoms
• Causes/contributing factors/ factors that increase the risk
• Early intervention/Prevention and treatment strategies
• The areas for development if applicable
• Role of the nurse
The link for poster examples
Please be mindful these example do not meet the assignment criteria. As we cannot upload the previous students work these are uploaded to help and give you ideas for your poster,
things you need to know about mental wellbeing - Bing images
long term sickness poster - Bing images