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Assessment Task 3: In-Class Online Presentations Individual
This assignment involves the oral presentation of the product pitch based on the hi-fi prototype from Umea.
Value: 20% of the unit
Format: In class individual presentation for not more that 90 seconds and evaluation and rating of other pitches on the prototype. Single PowerPoint Presentation slide and Prototype Pitch evaluation to be submitted after the presentation via Turnitin.
Due date & time: Tuesday 25th of May by 5.30pm WST
How to submit: PowerPoint slides to be submitted electronically, via Blackboard Assessment folder Turnitin link
Unit learning outcomes: - ULO2: Design a new product development proposal by synthesising concepts, processes and techniques of product innovation management.
- ULO3: Apply written and verbal communication skills in the context of new product development.
Course learning outcomes: - PGCLO2: Apply critical thinking and technical skills to solve authentic business problems [AQF S2, S3].
• 2.1: Conceptualise problems or situations (investigate, analyse, synthesize and evaluate);
• 2.2: Apply technical skills to authentic situations;
• 2.3: Solve complex problems; and
• 2.4: Critically reflect on processes and assumptions.
Review the material on Blackboard relating to the collaboration with Umea and your previous assignments.
This assignment involves an elevator pitch verbal presentation based on the prototype which you have been allocated. The pitch is designed to demonstrate to the audience the market potential for the prototype. In this presentation you will only be allowed one slide and a maximum of 90 seconds to present your case for why the CEO of your company should allocate half a million dollars to funding the prototype’s development and marketing.
Students will be presenting in a live pitch session virtually to the other students who are working on the same prototype, as well as to the students in Umea and to the instructor in the virtual pitch room. All pitches and the subsequent feedback and discussion will be recorded to assist in the evaluation of the assessment.
You will be allocated a pitch slot in which you are to present. If you are not presenting you will be required to evaluate and rate the other presentations in your pitch session. Your rating and evaluation of the pitches in your session will also form part of this assessment.