Recent Question/Assignment

Value: 40%
Format: Teamwork Reflection: 1000 words (+/- 200 words) not including appendices. Word document, 12-point Times New Roman font. Please include an ECU Cover Sheet at the start of the document. Appendices
1. Copy of your individual tool(s)/ instrument(s)
2. Copy of your team’s tool(s)/ instrument(s)
3. References (minimum 4 which are not your textbook or lecture slides/ notes)
4. Completed student peer assessment form (last page of unit plan)
Note: This assumes that you completed Assignment 2 as a group assignment of at least 2 people. Failure to do so may result in your forfeiting 20% of the total assessment marks.
Due date & time: By 5:00pm Friday 28 May 2021
How to submit: Electronically, via Blackboard Assessment folder Turnitin link
Unit learning outcomes: • ULO2: Develop an entrepreneurial venture plan collaboratively to convert innovative ideas into products/services as part of entrepreneurial processes
• ULO4: Justify an entrepreneurial idea or venture considering the ethical and social consequences.
Course learning outcomes •
• PGCLO3.1: Demonstrate effective communication skills.
PGCLO3.2: Demonstrate effective teamwork skills including the ability to reflect on individual performance in a team.
• PGCLO5.2: Provide professional opinions or interpretation of management matters applying ethical principles, codes of conduct and values.