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Assessment task 5 - Appendix 1: PYP EAW1 AUSTRALIAN WORKPLACE CULTURE
- Southern LaserTech
Southern j^g^Jg^is a relatively new imaginary Australian company with offices in all States and Territories. Head office is the manufacturing hub whilst the other branches undertake R&D marketing and sales. There is a total of 170 staff. Your job is at head office.
Southern commenced operations in 2012. The original owners and
operators came from University research institutes then developed the first product in a technology incubator. The actual factory was commissioned in 2014. The first product was a new laser that is now used for eye surgery and other related medical procedures. Since then the laser technology has been joined by rj^jnp-technology devices that can be placed inside the body to detect and destroy cancer cells.
There are two separate laboratories for the production of the p^pp machines and the lasers. Branch offices also have laboratories that specialise in the development of components or in experiments on new designs and clinical trials. Head office also has the most extensive set of experimental labs.
Southern prides itself on having laboratories that meet world's best
practice standards for cleanliness and safety. Using lasers has significant risks. Nano-technology requires the use of totally clean facilities with high powered nuclear microscopes. Also in both cases the company runs clinical trials involving humans so processes and procedures for trials are stringent.
In 2017 there was a serious accident involving a laser. The company is now embarked on a full revision of its WHS systems and practices. Your job is to lead this work reporting to the senior management team.
Other relevant information:
• Staff expect to be consulted
• Record keeping for WHS is not adequate for the needs of the company
• There is currently no continuous improvement process for WHS but there is
one for cleanliness.
• Management is committed to the process and has allocated $25000 to
support the work and set a deadline of 2 months to make it happen