Recent Question/Assignment

Subject: Social Work.
Please read the assignment guidelines carefully. I have also attached an example of the assignment to give an idea of the layout.
HSW452 AT2, 2000 words, due date: 24 May 2021
Reference: Harvard.
This assignment has two parts which require:
Part 1: You should discuss uncertainties involved in social work practice based on a case study,
Part 2: What type of social worker do you want to be in the future?
Part 1: Case Study
Instructions and assessment task
Imagine you are Sarah in the case study, and you want to provide this report for the board, your report should include:
1. Introduction: provide a brief description of the case study, target group(s) and uncer-tain areas that you will focus on this essay (no more than 200 words)
2. Discuss complexities, uncertainties and emerging problems facing individuals (young people, parents, older adults and …) and community in the scenario. You need to choose three areas of uncertainty that you think are relevant to the case study based on your analysis. Choose three areas of uncertainty that we discussed in week 1-11. You must choose one from Group A and two from group B.
Please note: My three chosen areas of uncertainty to discuss in this assignment are highlighted below in Blue.
Do not hesitate to contact me if clarification in required.
Group A Group B
Uncertainty and social work in a global context Working in different sectors
Professionalism and managerialism, Global citizen, social development and international social work
Technological development, op-portunities and challenges for so-cial work Diversity and Inclusion
Climate justice and green social work Post colonialism and new social movements
Australian population change and successful age-ing
Future of Social work profession and Lifelong learn-ing
The mission of social work and hope for the future
You should explain and articulate each topic and then be specific in connecting the uncertain area to a specific community group(s). You should also describe how uncertain areas impacts social work practice within the community group. You also need to discuss how those areas can be seen as opportunities for change when practicing social work.
3. You must provide relevant recommendations for social work practice to face those uncertainties.
2- Part B
Part B should include your description of the kind of social worker you want to be in work-ing with the communities. Please think about our discussion in this unit and how you would like to approach uncertainty in the future. Also, please provide a critical reflection, particular-ly on critical social work and anti-oppressive social work practice. (no more than 200 words)
PS: I have also attached an example of this assignment in a separate file for you to check it out.
Tips: You can choose to write in the third or first person by imagining yourself as a so-cial worker (Sarah) in the case study.
Presentation and Academic Writing Skills
You must use required readings and recommended readings, academic journals and social workbooks, not websites or wiki! As fourth-year students, your need to demonstrate strong academic skills and expertise in using relevant resources. You need to demonstrate your abili-ties in utilising academic resources, and a minimum of seven references are required.
This an academic essay, please use academic skills and standards. Please use headings as a way to signpost shifts or guide the reader.
To write paragraphs, which flow, you should combine more than one or two sentences. Also, each paragraph needs a first topic sentence to introduce the main topic of the paragraph. Then in the following sentences, you will unpack the topic and further discuss the idea.
Clumsy sentences and grammatical errors need to be avoided. Clear sentence structure helps develop your argument. Put some time into editing, try to read your paper out loud; when you read it aloud, you may also hear your sentences errors. You can also print off your essay, look at it on paper with a pencil, and edit in that mode.
Please type the report in 12 font, Arial, and double space. Double spacing is very helpful for us in marking your essay.
You need to look for the original source, and I do not recommend using ‘cited in’ which might result in misinterpretation. However, this is fine to use a secondary source if it is difficult to find the original source.
The style needs to be correct and consistent throughout your essay, in both the text and reference list. All in-text references have to be in the reference list and vice ver-sa.
Assignment Assessment criteria
• Provide evidence on articulating all three areas of uncertainty by using relevant litera-ture,
• Demonstrate understandings of uncertain areas and their impacts on social work prac-tice with people and communities,
• Ability to provide relevant and specific recommendations for social work practice in facing each area of uncertainty,
• Ability to critically reflect and articulate what kind of social worker you want to be-come.