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Assessment 3: Case Study (Part 2)
Assessment type Case Study (Part 2)
Word limit / length 3,000 words
Note: Executive Summary, Table of Contents and Reference List do not contribute to the word count.
Weighting 50%
Due date Wednesday 26 May 2021 11:59 pm
This assignment builds on the A2 Report. Having undertaken an analysis of the basic strategic position, you now extend that with a more detailed analysis of the strategy, strategic viability for the medium to long term and propose recommendations for any strategic choices to ensure future viability of your case organisation.
Learning Outcomes
• To think strategically about and analyse an organisation, its context and position, its long-term direction and viability, its capabilities, the effectiveness of its strategy, and its capacity to secure sustainable competitive advantage.
• To apply strategic management frameworks and tools to conduct strategic analysis, make appropriate strategic choices and implement effective strategies.
• To analyse strategy ethically and in proper regard to context, including its relation corporate social responsibility, international and diverse environments, multiple stakeholders and to internal relations and politics.
Assessment details
This assignment builds on Part 1 (A2). You may revise that part of the report based upon any feedback or new insights you may have gained since you write that report.
You now undertake further analysis to better understand what is the medium to long term viability is of your chosen organisation and make recommendations or strategic choices to position your case organisation to be operational well into the future?
The core task is to prepare an academically justified, analytical case study that considers:
• the role of technological disruption (diffusion, evolution or similar)
• first movers and followers
• relevance in the international market
• strategic change and adaptation
• any other aspect from your study that you would find helpful in analysing your chosen case
• The central question - how to be viable in the medium to long term.
Recommended Structure
Adopt a business style report structure however you will need to incorporate academic sources to justify or support some of your discussion.
Section Content
Title Page • Unit name & code, assignment title, student name & ID, and the word count.
• The title should provide insight into the focus of the report.
Executive Summary • A brief overview of the importance of the topic and the aim and findings of the report. Must be on a page by itself that is numbered in roman numerals.
Table of Contents • Professional presentation using MSWord Insert Table of Contents function.
• On a page by itself and numbered in roman numerals.
Introduction • Provide topic orientation (what is the topic and why is it important), state the aim of the report, define any key terms and outline what will be presented in the report.
Body (do not use this word as a heading) These are not specific headers. The following are concepts that should be examined within your own structure and paragraphs.
• Provide overview of your selected case organization and its industry.
• Include both historical and present
• Summarise your strategic position from A2.
• Detailed sections, larger diagrams etc to be placed in the
Appendices and will not count to the word count of A3
• Identify and explain Strategic Position/Choice/Action concepts relevant to case study and central question.
• Address central question in terms of changing technology, retail outlets vs operating online
• Adopt any of the strategic analysis and planning tools or techniques you have been exposed to within this unit to support your case study
• Answer the central question based on the preceding analysis.
• Ensure your discussion and conclusion is well supported by the body of your report
• Restate the aim of report and its significance (i.e. the aim).
• Summarise findings/evaluation.
• State limitations of report.
List of References • Correctly apply Harvard referencing style.
Appendices • Any additional information if required.
NOTE: Any similarity highlighted by Turnitin for sections from your A2 assignment will be ignored by
your marker and not treated as plagiarism as long as we can see it was your own work.
Submission format
Upload as one single MS Word file via the Assessment submission page within Blackboard.