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In contrast to the common practice of working ten to nine months so we can take a few months of vacation, this project is all about small but consistent, refreshing and affordable breaks. We all live busy lives full of obligations towards our bosses, clients and loved ones which becomes akin to the cycle of samsara. To make things worse we have social media and the demons that come along in its package which generally consumes whatever is left of our free time.
“Zimchu” is a project aimed at providing the sharing-la for people seeking a moment to relax, recoup and recharge through a mini vacation. The initiative aims at providing our clients with a bubble that is free of direct contact with the busy world in the confines of nature while enjoying the traditional Bhutanese experience and our hospitality with a slight twist.
Drawing inspiration from the resorts in Bali and the Air bnb concept, the clients will be provided with a safe mini vacation destination nestled in the out skirts of the select districts in custom made tree houses built from wood or designed from shipping containers and Bhutanese traditional homes. The clients will be served authentic and actual home-made Bhutanese food directly from the homes of the locals or cook their own food while shopping from the local farmers.
To put things in a visual perspective, we will provide a place of solitude to rest, recharge and rejuvenate, away from the modern world and our daily social and emotional tasks. Staying in our custom-built Bhutanese tree homes sourced from recycled materials encased in Bhutanese hospitality from the residents who will provide food, recreation and evenings of herbal hot stone baths at affordable rates.
This project is derived from the philosophy of “Stringing together days of efficient action” by Kai Greene. It has great business potential which will likely create a consistent and growing flow of local consumers and due to factors such as the exclusivity the concept of low volume high quality tourists in Bhutan coupled with cheap to build and acquire but durable materials used to build the houses. The authentic cultural experience provided by the locals hosts (who will also be supported though this opportunity to them) and the freedom from the modern world by leaving our phones at the entrance. The modern rates of anxiety, burnouts, and mental breakdowns due to our everyday stresses while hoping for the few months of stagnant and lazy days contribute to further dread. This concept allows more short but frequent time outs.
The investment needed is only A$ 1,500,000 which provides the investors 29% stake in the business. The funds will be allocated towards the building of the assets, finalizing the agreements with the partnered locals, creation and maintaining the social media outreaches, marketing, and other daily operational expenses. Project “Zimchu” is expected to recover the principal amount by the 4th year and pay dividends as high as 40% by the 6th year.

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